Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to transform an 8-rib rack of lamb into 6 lamb chops

If you purchase an 8-rib rack of lamb and your recipe calls for lamb chops, these simple illustrated, step-by-step instructions can help.  This rack of lamb is already "Frenched", a butchering technique which removes the meat, fat, and membranes that connects the individual rib bones together.   If your rack of lamb is not already Frenched, ask our local butcher; it is generally free of charge.

1.  Lay your Frenched rack on lamb on cutting board.  Locate the 2nd and 7th ribs.  These are the ribs that you will be removing and discarding, leaving the surrounding meat intact on other ribs.

2.  Cut along 2nd rib bone, as close to bone as possible.  Once cut, that gives you the first of six chops.  Set chop aside.

3.  Cut along 7th rib bone, as close to bone as possible.  Once cut, that gives you the second of the six chops.  Set chop aside.

4.  You have your first two chops, but the rack of lamb still has bones 2 and 7 remaining.  Cut along the other side of each bone to remove just the bone, which you will discard.  Leave as much meat as possible on the rack.

5.  Four rib bones remain on the rack of lamb.  Cut equally between each bone.  Once cut, you now have all 6 of your lamb chops.

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