Saturday, January 15, 2011

Longest sabbatical on record

Hellooooo. Is anybody out there? It's been so long since I've been around this joint that I just might be talking to myself right now. I completely understand if you lost interest, actually many of you have told me that you were sick of seeing Lettuce Wraps for the past year.

Well, I've decided that my life is back in order again after a 15 month hiatus. See around the time of my last post I found out about this...

That wasn't a problem. Actually it was a very good thing and I didn't anticipate that continuing to blog would be an issue. After all, I already had a husband and 3 kids that needed to be fed daily. I would just need to take a picture or two while I was doing that for them, right?

Except that nausea set in and cooking was the last thing I felt like doing. And around the time it started to go away, contractions began and they were much too early. My doctor wanted me to take it easy to keep my contractions at bay and since little guy needed about 13 more weeks to prepare for his big debut, I listened.

My life slowed down to an halt. There was no cooking. There was no photography. There was no nothin' until June 11, 2010, the day our littlest addition arrived.

Life took on a whirlwind-like quality with his arrival and I wasn't cooking like I previously did. My poor family ate, well, poorly. When I say we took out or drove through for most of our meals I'm sure you get the picture.

It's been seven months now since the smallest Shih arrived and I've transitioned to a mother of four. Cooking has resumed to normal. I get my camera out daily and I've headed back to the computer.

But I am still missing my quality time with you. So what do you say, shall we do this again?


Four For France said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!!! I am SOOOOO excited that my favorite cooking blog is back in action!

imkc said...

I am SOOOOO Thrilled. I almost fell off the chair this morning when I say this non 'Hoisin Chicken Wrap' post. I cannot wait to try your new recipes. Yea Me. Yea You!

Lainie said...


Kacey- LOL Those Lettuce Wraps were killing me!

Welcome back Mama Hollioni! We've missed you :)

clean and crazy said...

oh that is awesome!! he os adorable and certainly more important than this blog. now about those lettuce wraps..

i found out back in june that my sugars were 6.7!! technically diabetic. well i was using wieght watchers and had to quit since everything in their building was a freakin carb!! so now i am on a low glycemic load diet. after 3 months i got my sugars down to 6. better but still high, well then we had christmas...

so my sugars are still a 6. i am devistated, really, my whole family is diabetic and what i have read is grains turn to glucose in my blood so i cannot have grains!! i LOVE breads. so we switched to mama lupes low carb tortillas. and we are still having issues finding great recipes without a large glycimic load.

do you have any recipes that would help?? oh and by the way i lost 43 pounds since june, but now i want my sugars at a normal range so that once in a while i may have a meal with grains.

it is good you are back, i love your recipes!!

Anonymous said...

Superb blog post, I have book marked this internet site so ideally I’ll see much more on this subject in the foreseeable future!

Mamahollioni said...

Thank you for your kind words! It is good to be back.

Clean & Crazy: Glad to hear about your recent weight loss and getting your sugars lower. Nicely done. I will see if I can find some recipes for you. I've had several requests from other people as well and I will do my best to try to help!